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Epoxy Resin Workshops in Oceanside and San Diego

Resin Art has become increasingly popular during the past years. Creative works made by using Epoxy Resin suit any interior.

Even if you don’t have any artistic skills or even maybe never created any art in your life, you can create a real masterpiece using our step by step guidance. And skilled artists can learn something new.

These classes will teach you how to work with epoxy resin and apply it using different techniques . All workshops are limited in size and structured so that you receive individual instruction and that you will leave the class with a finished product and confidence that you can recreate more art pieces at home.

We hold classes in Oceanside almost every week. We rotate days of the week. If you have a group of friends and special request to open a group for a particular day please send us an email at

We hold classes in Liberty Station every third Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the month with some exceptions.

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