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Image by Maryna Yazbeck

Workshops and classes

Art holds tons of potential in terms of providing happiness, relaxation, and healing. Thus, Art Magic aims to make art within reach.

We value inclusivity in our events, hence we welcome not only experienced artists but also those with little to no knowledge in art. Through our events, we guide people into cultivating and developing their creativity by introducing them to various art forms and techniques. At the same time, we also help them ease their minds and boost their self-esteem with art therapy and energy healing activities.

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Epoxy Resin Ocean Art

Experience the magic of our Epoxy Resin Ocean Classes in Oceanside, San Diego, or Southern California—it's a must for your bucket list! Dive into an enjoyable and unforgettable adventure where you can unleash your creativity.

Craft a unique handmade masterpiece inspired by mesmerizing lacy waves. Participate in our open group workshops and create your own board, tray, or tumbler—a cherished memento of your journey or a heartfelt gift for a loved one. Perfect for a date, birthday celebration, bachelorette party activity, or a corporate event.

- Our workshops are tailored for beginners and individuals with no prior art experience.

- Everything you need, from materials to tools, is provided in our all-inclusive package.

Just bring your enthusiasm, and we'll take care of the rest!

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Fluid Art Workshops

Experience the serene and captivating process of our Fluid Art Paint Pour workshop! Ideal for those who may doubt their own creativity, haven't explored art in their adult life, or feel unsure about their artistic abilities.

In Fluid Art, there's no right or wrong—every creation is inherently mesmerizing. The gentle, flowing movement of acrylic paint induces a calming and enjoyable effect, making it a perfect activity for relaxation.


This workshop provides the perfect opportunity to chat, laugh, and create lasting memories with your favorite people while trying something new. It's all about embracing positive emotions and enhancing your mood and emotional well-being.

Our workshops cater to beginners and individuals with no prior art experience. We provide everything you need, from materials to tools, in our all-inclusive package. Just bring your enthusiasm, and we'll handle the rest!

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