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BacheloArt Party

Experience the ultimate blend of creativity and celebration with our Bachelorette Art Party. Unleash your inner artist while toasting to the bride-to-be's special day. Join us for an unforgettable bachelorette experience filled with paint, laughter, and memories.

Who are you

Tell us who you are so we will be able to better tailor our recommendations and help you plan an unforgettable experience for the bachelorette party you are planning.

Looking for a low-key activity for a bachelorette party? Something fun, but 



Art Session


Taking Photos


Bring your drinks/snacks


Reels/TikTok creating

Individual Birthday Discount

If it's your birthday month, come join us for any of our classes, and you'll receive a fantastic 15% discount on your ticket. It's our way of making your special month even more memorable.

Birthday Bash with Friends

Want to celebrate your birthday with friends in a unique and creative way? We have fantastic group discounts just for you:

  • 🌟 Bring 1 Friend: Enjoy a delightful 20% discount on your workshop ticket!

  • 🌟 Bring 2 Friends: Get a generous 25% discount.

  • 🌟 Bring 3 Friends: Get an exclusive 40% discount.

  • 🌟 Bring 4 Friends or More: As the birthday star, you'll receive a complimentary ticket for yourself

  • 10% off all your friends' tickets.

It's the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved ones while indulging in the joy of art.


So, gather your friends, let your creative spirits soar, and make your birthday celebration truly special at Art Magic SD!

To book your birthday party or get a personalized promo code – follow the button.

Let's turn your birthday into a masterpiece!

Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid during your birthday month.

*The workshop date should be no more than 2 weeks before or after your birthday. We will check your id at the event.

Share your plans for the Bachelorette Party!

Number of Guests (Including Yourself)
Who are you?
Are You Interested in a Specific Workshop?
Budget preferences, if any
Location preferences, if any

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How to Celebrate Your Birthday with Us:

Choose your workshop

Explore our diverse range of creative workshops to pick the one that piques your interest the most: 

Epoxy Resin
Fluid Art

Invite Your Friends

Decide whether you want to celebrate with just one friend or bring along a group of creative enthusiasts.

Ocean Cheese Board.jpeg

Book Your Birthday

Contact us to discuss your birthday workshop, let us know your preferred class and the number of guests, and we'll send you a personalized promo code. If you have 4+ people, we can even open a new date and time by your request.

Bitrhday with friends
Fluid Art by the ocean

Create, Celebrate, and Enjoy

Come to our studio, immerse yourself in creativity, and celebrate your birthday surrounded by the joy of art and the warmth of your friends.

Birthday at studio
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