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Creative Corporate Events

Art for Team Building

Recharge your team
Open their creative potential

Are you looking to boost your team's energy and creativity?

Ways to boost productivity, loyalty, and initiative in your team?

If so, we have just the thing!

Our unique epoxy resin and fluid art workshops are the perfect way to team build and unleash your team's creative potential. We provide all of the supplies and guidance, so all you need to do is show up and get creative!

Our art workshops are:

Two in One: Crafting Unforgettable Team Moments and Leaving with Memorable Gifts

Profits: Boosting creativity and productivity is proven to increase a company's profits

Happiness: Help your team feel happier, more confident and increase their desire to engage

Culture: Great Creative Culture Is Vital for the Company's Growth

Relationships: Build better relationships within your team and create memorable moments together

Art Magic offers fun creative team-building events in San Diego, North County, and Orange County that can be customized for your current business goals and needs.

Not only are our workshops a blast, but they can also have a real impact on your team's productivity. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about our workshops and how they can help your team reach its potential!


We provide the perfect environment for your team to come together, create something special, and discover their creative potential. With hands-on activities that'll help foster collaboration, creativity, and productivity, these events are sure to be a team-building success!

And you get a pretty awesome end product that stands as an illustration of your group's hard work—a keepsake you can use both at home and in the office! 

Learn more about our epoxy resin art workshops and see how we can help bring out the best in your team


Call us or email us to discuss how we can deliver a meaningful experience, that your team won’t stop talking about.

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Seamless Workshop Experience

Venue: Our workshops can be conducted in a variety of settings, from your office to external venues and at our studio in Oceanside, CA 

Travel destinations: we are located in Oceanside, CA, but can travel to any destination in the US

Duration: Workshop durations range from 1 hour sessions to multi-day immersive experiences.

Group size: Our workshops can accommodate small teams or larger groups.

Materials and resources: Art Magic provides all necessary art supplies and materials for a hassle-free experience.

Ocean Cheese Board_edited_edited.jpg
Workshop Experience

Our Best Seller - Wow effect

Epoxy Resin Board | Ocean Cheese Board or Geode Board

The epoxy resin ocean workshop immerses participants in the art of creating stunning ocean-inspired or abstract pieces using epoxy resin.
Participants can immerse themselves in the captivating process of creating ocean-themed pieces using epoxy resin, pigments, and other materials.

This workshop not only provides a creative outlet but also encourages collaboration, communication, and teamwork, making it an excellent choice for team-building activities that promote creative thinking, strengthen relationships and foster a sense of unity among participants.

This is a real treat for your team.

Available Options

Medium size board 14”-17”: 

  • Rectangular bamboo board (10 by 14” ) | Best Seller

  • 14” bamboo surfboard | Trending

  • 15” round bamboo board 

  • 17” acacia wood board with a handle

  • 14” California-shaped board

  • 14” turtle

  • 14” by 10” rectangular teak board

  • 16” Olive wood board

  • or any other shape, or wood type by your request

  • Set of 2–4 coasters



  • Indoors or Outdoors

  • Custom ocean color palette

  • Cheese boards of your choice

  • All art materials provided

  • Aprons, Gloves, and other consumables

  • Personalization options available

Location: your space, our studio in Oceanside

Pricing starts at $115 per person

Ideas for TB

Holiday workshops

Ocean Ornaments Set

Elevate your corporate team's holiday spirit with our Epoxy Resin Ocean Workshop for Holiday Keepsakes!


This unique workshop offers a delightful blend of creativity and team bonding as participants delve into the art of crafting exquisite ocean-inspired ornaments using epoxy resin, pigments, and various materials.

In this workshop, your team will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing process of creating ocean-themed pieces. It's not just about crafting beautiful ornaments; it's about forging lasting memories and strengthening connections within your company during this special time of year.

With each ornament created, your team will be crafting more than just art; they'll be crafting moments that foster strong connections and fond memories. Make this holiday season truly special for your team by joining us in this engaging and memorable corporate Holiday Ornaments Workshop.

Available Options

  • Small serving board 

  • Set of 2 | 4 | 6 ornaments



  • Indoors

  • Custom ocean color palette

  • Project of your choice

  • All art materials provided

  • Aprons, Gloves, and other consumables

  • Personalization options available

Location: your space, our studio in Oceanside

Pricing starts at $75 per person