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Epoxy Resin ArtBox: Ocean on a Cheese Board - Kit + online course

Create your Own mini Ocean and learn the secrets of working with Epoxy Resin. With a full video tutorial. Take part in our workshop from the convenience of your own home! 


We have created a unique art box for you so you can make your own unique serving board and coasters inspired by the ocean.

This is an amazing way to decorate your home with a unique handmade ocean board and a perfect gift for upcoming holidays.


Have access to our video tutorial at any time for your convenience. Create whenever you have the chance.



Create it from anywhere – whether it's the comfort of your home, your office, or any other location. The kit is compact, so feel free to take it on vacation and relax to the fullest.

Ocean Cheese Board_edited.jpg

All Inclusive

All materials are included, from boards and pigments to tape and gloves, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Follow easy, step-by-step instructions to create your masterpiece. Perfect for beginners!


Learn how to work with Epoxy Resin!

Even if you don’t have any artistic skills or maybe never created any art in your life, you can create a real masterpiece using our step-by-step guidance. And even skilled artists can learn something new.

Your mini ocean on your table

Create beautiful ocean wave lacing

There are a couple of tricks to creating those frothy lacy waves. We surely will share them with you.

Create a unique piece of art

You will learn several techniques to create amazing mesmerizing pieces of functional art. Our unique approach allows each participant to create unique pieces that reflect their personality and taste.

Image by David Everett Strickler

Perfect present for your loved one.

Our Unique and Inspiring Art Box can help you get rid of your gift-giving anxiety. 

Give your loved ones thoughtful, caring gifts they’ll love. 

All the materials included + a detailed video tutorial

Each box is as unique as you are. Choose from 4 boards and 2 ocean color schemes.


The art box includes:

  • Cheese board of your choice

  • 2 Wood coasters

  • 6 oz of non-toxic premium quality epoxy resin

  • Measuring cup

  • 10×1 oz cups

  • Stirring sticks

  • Apron

  • 2 pairs of Nitrile gloves

  • Set of 4 ocean pigments

  • Special white and gold pigments

In our video tutorial, we will cover


All About Epoxy Resin

  • What epoxy to choose for your project

  • Qualities and criteria of epoxy resin

  • Rules and directions

  • Working with heat gun and torch

  • Safety rules and PPE.


Preparation of Your Project

  • Preparation is the key

  • Setting an intention for our boards so you can create not only beautiful but also meaningful piece of art.

Creating a Perfect Ocean Scene

Working with paints, micas, pastes and liquid pigments

Creating an amazing ocean background

Blending the colors

Pouring techniques

Creating waves using lacing techniques

Examples of the works of our students

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