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  • Have you seen these gorgeous ocean-inspired cheese boards on craft fairs and wonder if you can create one of your own?

    With our new Art Box – it is as easy as it is. We provide you with all the art supplies as well as step-by-step video instruction.

    Each board created is unique and magical!

    Perfect gift for any occasion.


    Looking for a Mother's Day gift that speaks volumes of love and appreciation?


    Art transcends words, touching the deepest parts of our hearts and souls, allowing us to express sentiments beyond what we can convey verbally.


    Here are five reasons why our Art Kit is the perfect gift for your Mom:


    1. For the Creative Mom: Show her you care about her hobbies and support her passions.

    2. For the Busy Mom: Provide her with a great stress release, offering something fun and relaxing for well-deserved moments of tranquility.

    3. For the Long-Distance Mom: Give her the gift of attention, allowing her to spend Mother's Day immersed in your thoughtful present, enjoying a relaxing and creative time despite the physical distance.

    4. For the Hostess Mom: Delight her with the opportunity to create stunning Ocean Boards that always capture guests' admiration. Our boards have received praise from people across the US for their attention-grabbing beauty.

    5. Special Project Option: The Heart Board (with a set of cheese knives inside) is a meaningful symbol of the love she's given you and will cherish receiving from you.

    We ship nationwide and are happy to include a personalized note from you.

    Don't wait too long—Mother's Day will be here before you know it, but we have ample time to ensure your gift arrives just in time.


    P.S. Moms, drop a hint to your kids if they're unsure what to get you this Mother's Day. They'll appreciate the guidance!


    Having a corporate event? Buy a set for your group and we will provide you with a special online live workshop (for purchases of 10+ boxes).



    This box comes with a video tutorial in which we will share with you all the supplies, and teach how to use epoxy resin and secrets to perfect ocean waves. So you can follow along with our experienced art instructor and create gorgeous artwork.




    Classic Blue: 2 shades of turquoise, 2 shades of blue, navy blue




    10” heart with compartments for cheese knives - Special Mother's Day Edition

    14" surfboard shaped bamboo board

    16"-18" acacia wood board with handle

    14" Turtle shaped bamboo board

    14" California state shaped bamboo board



    The box includes:

    Cheese board of your choice

    2 wood coasters

    4 oz of epoxy resin

    Measuring cup

    10*1 oz cups

    Painter’s Tape

    Stirring sticks


    2 pairs of Nitrile gloves

    Set of ocean pigments

    Special white and gold pigment


    Epoxy Resin ArtBox: Ocean on a Cheese Board - Kit + online course

    PriceFrom $100.00
    Excluding Sales Tax
    Type of the board
    • 1. Only hand wash with warm water and non abrasive materials

      2. Do not use in dishwasher

      3. Food safe epoxy. Only for cold and warm items

      4. Do not cut on the epoxy part, use open wood part

      5. Apply oil (special butcher block oil or olive oil) to treat the wood once in 1-2 month to keep your board in good shape

    • Would you need anything else to create?
      No, the Art Kit includes everything you will need to craft a masterpiece. That is the reason it is such a great gift - the recipient won't need to buy anything extra.


      Does the Online Course have limited availability?

      No, you can rewatch it as many times as you want to craft new items using our instructions.


      Is the Online Course suitable for beginners?
      Absolutely! Our Online Course is designed to be beginner-friendly, providing step-by-step guidance for creating beautiful art.


      Can the recipient access the Online Course immediately after receiving the gift?
      Yes, the recipient can access the Online Course instantly upon receiving the gift(Art Kit Box), allowing them to start crafting right away.


      Can the Art Kit and Online Course be shipped directly to the recipient's address?
      Yes, we offer shipping services to deliver the Art Kit and provide access to the Online Course directly to the recipient's address.

      Are there any special offers or discounts for Mother's Day purchases?
      Yes, we a special offer for a heart-shaped board (already on[-$10]) for Mother's Day purchases.

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