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Fluid Art

Dive into the world of amazing fluid art and learn acrylic pouring techniques. Get creative and have a lot of fun in our new art studio!

Join us for this fun and unique hands-on workshop and learn the secrets of popular paint pouring to create an astounding abstract painting in a newly opened art studio.

If you have never tried fluid art before, or someone who creates every day, you will enjoy this fun class.

Unleash your inner artist! Absolutely no art skills are needed! 

 Be prepared to receive many compliments!


About the workshop

"The most fun workshop I've ever done!"

This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Create a beautiful abstract painting for your home or as a present

  • Learn secrets of working with fluid acrylics

  • Learn different fluid art techniques

  • Start making your own fluid art collection

We will start with setting an intention for your painting so you can create not only a beautiful but also a meaningful piece of art.

After that, our experienced art instructor will share with you all their secrets on how to create fluid paints, talk about consistency, which is a key factor, which colors to choose, and how to create beautiful effects. You will learn different pouring techniques to achieve different effects in your work. We will help you to avoid most of the mistakes beginners make and get amazing results from the beginning.