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Image by Maryna Yazbeck

Welcome to Art Magic Studio!

Introducing Art Magic Studio, a captivating art and crafts school nestled in the heart of Oceanside, CA.

Our unique concept has quickly become a local sensation, drawing enthusiasts not only from local community but also from San Diego, Orange County, Palm Springs, and beyond.


Our studio welcomes individuals of all art skill levels, fostering a space where anyone can create mesmerizing works of art. Families, corporate teams, and friends alike have discovered the joy of coming together to craft something extraordinary.


At Art Magic, we believe in unlocking creative potential. Our studio offers a range of mediums, including epoxy resin, fluid acrylics, texture pastes, dry flowers and herbs, beeswax, alcohol inks, and more.

Open Group Workshops

Art Magic Studio offers a captivating selection of open-group workshops designed for creative individuals who want to unleash their creativity and have a fun and relaxing time practicing art, even without a big group of friends joining them for a private experience.


Open-group workshops are perfect for:

- Travelers seeking a unique experience in the area. Creating an Ocean Cheese Board in Oceanside, CA with your own hands is a bucket-list activity.
- Couples looking to craft art masterpieces together. It's not only extremely fun and unifying but also gives you the opportunity to try something new together, even if you've been together for decades.

- Individuals seeking relaxation and unwinding.

Our Open-group workshops are:

Perfect for beginners

You don't need any prior art experience to participate in our workshops.


We provide all the necessary tools and art materials to the participants. Just bring your willingness to create.

Guided step-by-step

Workshops are hosted in small groups of up to 8-10 by an experienced instructor who guides you step-by-step. Each participant receives ample attention.

Private and Corporate Events

Experience the unity and fun of creating art for a special occasion. 🎨✨

We organize private and corporate events for groups starting with 5-6 people and can accommodate over 100 participants.

With 9 workshops and over 100 projects available, we can create a custom experience that perfectly fits your event's theme. 🎉


We have hosted:

  • Corporate Events 🏢

  • Birthday Celebrations 🎂

  • Bachelorette Parties 🎉

  • Baby Showers 👶

  • Pre-wedding Parties 💍

  • Graduation Parties 🎓

  • And many more special events! 🌟

Epoxy Ocean Classes.png

Epoxy Resin Ocean Art

Experience the magic of our Epoxy Resin Ocean Classes in Oceanside, San Diego, or Southern California—it's a must for your bucket list! Dive into an enjoyable and unforgettable adventure where you can unleash your creativity.

Craft a unique handmade masterpiece inspired by mesmerizing lacy waves. Participate in our open group workshops and create your own board, tray, or tumbler—a cherished memento of your journey or a heartfelt gift for a loved one. Perfect for a date, birthday celebration, bachelorette party activity, or a corporate event.

- Our workshops are tailored for beginners and individuals with no prior art experience.

- Everything you need, from materials to tools, is provided in our all-inclusive package.

Just bring your enthusiasm, and we'll take care of the rest!

workshops - posters (18).png

Fluid Art Workshops

Experience the serene and captivating process of our Fluid Art Paint Pour workshop! Ideal for those who may doubt their own creativity, haven't explored art in their adult life, or feel unsure about their artistic abilities.

In Fluid Art, there's no right or wrong—every creation is inherently mesmerizing. The gentle, flowing movement of acrylic paint induces a calming and enjoyable effect, making it a perfect activity for relaxation.


This workshop provides the perfect opportunity to chat, laugh, and create lasting memories with your favorite people while trying something new. It's all about embracing positive emotions and enhancing your mood and emotional well-being.

Our workshops cater to beginners and individuals with no prior art experience. We provide everything you need, from materials to tools, in our all-inclusive package. Just bring your enthusiasm, and we'll handle the rest!

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