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Ocean Cheese Board
Regular Class

Learn the secrets of Epoxy Resin Art and create your own Gorgeous Charcuterie Board with lacy ocean waves.

These beautiful serving boards created with food-safe resin will be a perfect addition to your dinner table or appetizer bar, especially if you enjoy hosting family and friends. It is also a perfect gift for friends and family.  Be prepared to receive many compliments!

About workshop

This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Tap into your creative potential and create stunning art

  • Build up your creative confidence, even if you never created art in your life

  • Create a beautiful ocean-themed cheese board with your own hands, unique as you are

  • Learn secrets of working with epoxy resin

  • Learn how to create perfect ocean wave lacing

  • Start doing your own resin art projects

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Project Choices

In this workshop, you will create on beautiful acacia, teak, and bamboo boards. We offer a large variety of boards and mica powders (colors) for you to unleash your creativity.

Here are some examples of the projects we offer:

Workshop Program

In the program

Preparation of your project. Introduction to Art Resin.

  • What epoxies to choose for your project

  • Qualities and criteria of epoxy resin

  • Rules and directions | Safety rules and PPE

  • Working with a heat gun and torch

  • Preparation of your board: cleaning, taping, leveling


Intention Setting. Creating your personal artifact

We will start with setting an intention for our boards, so you can create not only beautiful but also meaningful art that will help you to invite into your life peace, prosperity, and creativity.


Creating ocean background and waves. Lacing secrets.

  • Working with paints, micas, pastes, and liquid pigments

  • Creating an amazing ocean background

  • Blending the colors

  • Pouring techniques

  • Creating waves using lacing techniques


Difficulty Level: Perfect for any skill level, No Prior Experience Required

The workshop lasts for about 1.5 - 2 hours. By the end, you’ll create a beautiful piece of art

Suitable for:  Corporate Classes, Team Buildings, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Celebration, Event activities, Date nights

Intimate groups of up to 8 people. This ensures that each student receives personalized attention and ample time to hone their skills and create something truly remarkable.


What is included:

  • Intention setting practice

  • Board according to the ticket | If you choose to bring your own board, then the board is not included

  • Selection of color palettes

  • Master class on working with paints, micas, pastes, and liquid pigments

  • Creating an amazing ocean background

  • Blending the colors

  • Pouring techniques

  • Creating waves using lacing techniques

  • Gloves, aprons, and other consumables.

Our Experience:

✨ Personalized and Meaningful: Set intentions for your board, infusing them with your heart's desires and creating not just beautiful, but also meaningful art. 

✨ Perfect for All Skill Levels: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, our workshop provides valuable insights and techniques to enhance your skills. 

✨ Hassle-Free: All materials are provided, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable workshop. You can even bring your own board for a personalized touch. 

 Variety of cheese boards to choose from: our most popular options are 17" acacia boards with a handle or rectangular boards; 14" shaped boards: surfboard, California, turtle, heart; 15" round bamboo boards. Upgraded options: 23' surfboard, 16" olive wood board, large teak boards, 30" acacia wood boards, and others.

🎨 All materials are provided!

🌱 We use only use non-toxic epoxy (when used as directed) that is not bad for your health like other resins. No VOCs. No fumes. No solvents. Non-flammable. Non-hazardous. Conforms to ASTM D4236 (Safe for Home Use when used in a well-ventilated area). 

👩🏼‍🎨 Indulge and dive into your creative side, unleash your inner artist, and transform your creative energy into something very special and beautiful at our epoxy resin workshop in North County of San Diego!

❗️ If you choose to bring your own board, then the board is not included.


ℹ️ Please note that we provide max of 3 oz of epoxy for this class which is perfect to cover half of the standard 14-16" board, if your board is larger, you can buy extra epoxy at $3 per 1 oz. No boards larger than 24" are allowed to this class. 

Cancellation with a full refund – up to 10 days before the workshop starts. 

3–10 days before the workshop, you can receive a credit that can be used for any events at face value.

No refunds 3 days before the workshop.

Workshop Details

Learn how to work with Epoxy Resin!

Even if you don’t have any artistic skills or even maybe never created any art in your life, you can create a real masterpiece using our step-by-step guidance. And even skilled artists can learn something new.


Mini ocean on your table

Create beautiful ocean wave lacing

There are a couple of tricks to creating those frothy lacy waves. And We surely will share them with you.


Create a unique piece of art

You will learn several techniques to create amazing, mesmerizing pieces of functional art. A wide choice of different ocean color options will allow each participant to create unique pieces that reflect their personality and taste.

Ocean Board_edited.jpg

Ocean Cheese Board | Classic Workshop

In our Ocean Cheeseboard class, the possibilities are as vast as the ocean itself. You'll work on medium-sized and large cheeseboards, creating unique and functional pieces that are true conversation starters. Whether you're an art enthusiast or a seasoned creator, the class welcomes all skill levels, and you'll have the chance to bring your own special item to transform with epoxy resin, adding a personal touch to your masterpiece.

Ocean Board.HEIC