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Apartment Art That Won’t Cost Your Security Deposit

Art can totally transform a space and there’s nothing better than filling your home with art that’s meaningful to you. When it comes to apartment art, you may be cautious about damaging your walls – and the possibility of not receiving your full security deposit back. There are many ways to add art to your apartment without damaging it. To give you ideas on what that looks like, we gathered artists from Sacramento, CA, to Philadelphia, PA, to provide their insights on unique art that won’t cost you your security deposit. Read on to see what they had to say. One of the easy ways to add artistic touch-ups to your apartment is to use functional art. For example, side tables, coffee tables, trays, rugs, lamps, vases, and many other art objects can be both a piece of art and functional at the same time. Even one small coffee table with ocean or abstract resin art can change the whole feel of the room. – Art Magic

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