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What Art Is Trending in 2023?

As we enter the year 2023, the world of interior design is seeing a surge in new trends and styles in the realm of art. Art has always been a crucial aspect of interior design, and the right artwork can transform a space, adding character, depth, and visual interest. In this blog post, we will explore some of the art trends that are set to make a significant impact on interior design in 2023.

  • Abstract Art

Abstract art has been popular for many years, and it looks like it will continue to be a favorite in 2023. The beauty of abstract art is that it can add color, depth, and texture to a room, without overpowering the space. The trend in 2023, however, is for more organic, natural forms within the abstract art, to complement the trend for more natural materials in interior design.

  • Large-Scale Art

In 2023, we will see a shift towards larger-scale art pieces, as more people opt for open-plan living spaces. Large-scale art is perfect for these spaces, as it can create a focal point and add a sense of drama to a room. Expect to see oversized canvases, sculptures, and murals being used to make a statement in interior design.

  • Photography

Photography is another art form that will be trending in 2023. The use of black and white or monochromatic photography will create a timeless and elegant feel to any space. Large, black and white photographs of landscapes, cityscapes, or still-life images can add a modern, minimalist touch to any room.

  • Textile Art

Textile art is a trend that will be huge in 2023. Woven wall hangings, tapestries, and macrame pieces will be used to add texture, color, and a bohemian feel to any room. These pieces can be handmade or store-bought, and there are a wide variety of styles and designs available to suit any interior design scheme.

  • Resin Art

Resin art has been a popular trend in the art world for several years now, and it is expected to continue to be a popular choice for interior design in 2023. Resin art is a unique medium that can add a glossy and modern touch to a room. The versatility of resin art means it can be used in a variety of ways, including wall art, table or countertop décor, or even as a decorative coating for furniture.

In 2023, we may see a shift towards more natural, organic forms within resin art, with artists experimenting with incorporating natural elements such as wood, flowers, and plants into their designs. We may also see a trend towards using more muted colors in resin art, such as earthy tones and pastels, to complement the trend for natural materials and neutral color schemes in interior design.

Overall, resin art is a unique and versatile medium that can add depth, texture, and visual interest to a room, and it is likely to continue to be a popular choice for interior design in 2023.

  • Artistic Lighting

Lighting has always been an essential element of interior design, but in 2023, we will see a shift towards artistic lighting. Lighting fixtures will be more than just functional objects in a room, but they will also be pieces of art. Expect to see more elaborate designs, and sculptural lighting fixtures that will add drama, depth, and interest to a room.

In conclusion, 2023 will see a resurgence of art in interior design. From large-scale abstract art to textile pieces and artistic lighting, the trends will focus on adding texture, color, and interest to a room. With so many options available, it is easy to find an art style that will suit any interior design scheme.

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