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Epoxy Resin Art and Wine Retreat
May 12-14th

Temecula, CA | Rediscover your inner artist



Escape to the picturesque beauty of Temecula for a weekend of art, wine, and relaxation! Join us for this unique retreat where we'll be exploring the magical world of epoxy resin, alcohol inks and candle making as well as tasting some of the best wines at the region.


You'll get to immerse yourself in a unique and exciting creative process, and take home a collection of beautiful and personalized artworks.

Indulge in three exclusive wine tastings featuring some of the best local wines, hand-picked just for you. 

It can be a perfect getaway to celebrate Mother's Day in 2023.

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or call us at (760) 573-8435.

This retreat is for you if you want to:

Learn and dive into Epoxy Resin Art

  • Unleash your creativity to improve all areas of your life

  • Learn how to create gorgeous art using epoxy resin and alcohol inks.


No art skills are required. You will learn everything you need to start creating stunning art using epoxy resin and alcohol inks.

Enjoy the best wines of Temecula Wine Country

  • Just enjoy delicious wine and food

  • Learn about the art of winemaking 


At this retreat, we will have a private sommelier who will introduce you to some of the best wines. We will also visit 2 local wineries 

Finally get so much needed "me" time 

  • Restore your mental and emotional balance

  • Have more energy and manage stress through Art practices


It's an ultimate getaway into the world of pleasure. The pleasure of art making, friendships, connections, spa relaxation, views and tasty wine and delicious food.




  • Daily Gratitude, and journaling Practices

  • Accommodation at a luxury villa – 3 days/ 2 nights

  • 5 Art Workshops. Resin art, alcohol ink Art, and candle making. 

  • Two Resin Art workshops on which you will create a gorgeous geode or ocean wall art and a cheese board with 2 coasters.

  • Two Alcohol Ink workshops on which you will create a set of 2 wine glasses and a painting on a Yupo paper

  • Candle-making workshop where you will learn how to make and intentionally charge a natural beeswax candle with herbs and crystals

  • Two (2) Sharing Circles to create deeper community connections

  • Three wine tastings (1 at our location and 2 at local wineries)

  • Breakfasts, Dinners, and snacks

  • Relaxing Spa Night with special face masks and fun and positive energy.


Program of our retreat:


Day 1

  • Welcome wine tasting and cheese plate

  • Community dinner preparation with special recipes

  • Resin Art session (wall art)

  • Sharing circle


Day 2

  • Morning gratitude practice and journaling

  • Breakfast

  • Resin Art Session (cheese board and coasters)

  • Wine tasting and lunch at local winery

  • Alcohol Inks Art

  • Community dinner 

  • Spa night and candle making

  • Special Treat

  • Sharing circle


Day 3

  • Morning gratitude practice and journaling

  • Breakfast

  • Alcohol ink session

  • Check out

  • Optional - Wine tasting and lunch at local winery

Accommodation Options:

At this time, enjoy our promotional rates that are marked at 30% off – Art Magic special for Mother's Day (all rates already include the discount)

Book your spot in the shared room for just $980 if booked by May 3rd!

2 spots available in the room for 3 people with a private bathroom

Twin Room Special 

Do you have any questions?

Email us at or call us at (760) 573-8435.


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Our workshops offer a supportive community where you can connect with others.


Gratitude practices and sharing circles promote positive emotions, enhance our mental well-being, increase our resilience, and improve our relationships with others.


Sharing circles provide a safe and supportive environment where you can share your experiences, deepen connections, and develop a sense of belonging.

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What art skills should I have to participate?


No Art skills are required. We will guide you through the whole art-making process, so you can create a collection of masterpieces. Our Resin Art and Wine Retreat in Temecula is a unique experience that combines the beauty of art and the enjoyment of wine. 

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Retreat Goals

Get to know our community better!


Here are some reasons and main goals of the retreat participants:

  • Relaxation

  • Fun, relaxation, creativity

  • Community with other artists

  • “Getting away” to recharge my batteries

  • Utilizing and expanding my gift /love for art

  • Art inspiration and relaxation

  • Art skills and peace

  • I would love to learn how to do resin and make candles. I’m also looking forward to meeting new women that share the same interests.

  • New hobbies

  • Enjoy a vacation

  • Community

  • Art, wine, relaxation

  • Art, love, joy



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