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Valentine's Day Ideas

Looking for a perfect present for your loved ones?
Valentines or Galentines Ideas?
We decided to give you a gift — please find a coupon for $14 that you can use for any of our events this upcoming week.

Valid till: Feb 11, 11 AM



Explore our Valentine's Day ideas for the upcoming celebration. You can discover a special gift or a creative way to celebrate this year. Our workshops offer a unique two-in-one experience: a memorable session where you can create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that doubles as a thoughtful gift.

Even better, we have special Valentine's Day style projects prepared just for you this year.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate - St Valentine.png

Never go wrong with a gift certificate. We offer both physical and digital options, allowing you to customize your present. Include a special message for a personal touch.

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Workshop Experience


Our workshops offer creative outlets and fantastic ideas for a date night. Create lasting memories and spend more time together. Book tickets for an unforgettable experience and create a masterpiece as a cherished keepsake.

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Art Kit


Ideal for creative friends or family members, our Art Kit provides the perfect introduction to a new hobby. The all-inclusive kit comes with all the necessary materials, enabling immediate creativity. Our step-by-step online course guides the creative journey, helping to craft unique masterpieces. The best part is that it's reusable – purchase a few missing ingredients and create multiple pieces.

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Ready Artworks


Explore our shop for beautiful and unique items that make excellent gifts. Perfect for creative individuals, home decorators, or anyone who appreciates having art pieces around.

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Special Workshops

Ocean Cheeseboard Classic Workshop

We have expanded your favorite workshop with new projects and ticket options!

  • 12" Acacia heart-shaped board

  • Set of heart-shaped coasters for two people

  • Large board for two people to share

Available dates:

February 9th, 11 AM

February 10th, 11 AM

February 11th, 11 AM [2 spots]

February 13th, 2 PM

February 17th, 6:30 PM

vday -ocean.png

Geode Coasters

Indulge in the magic of our geode-inspired workshop, crafting exquisite items for your home. We've just received new molds, allowing you to create themed heart-shaped coaster decorations and a heart frame with support.

Available dates:

February 8th, 6:30 PM

February 14th, 1 PM

vday -geode.png

Introductory Ocean Cheeseboard

Join us for our introductory workshop and enjoy a fun, easy, and relaxing date. We'll guide you step-by-step, so no need to worry about the previous experience – none required! Unleash your creativity with us and create a stunning masterpiece that will serve as a beautiful reminder of the time spent together with your loved one.

Available dates:

February 11th, 5 PM

February 15th, 2 PM

February 16th, 2 PM

workshops - posters (19).png
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